世の中にはhelpertype = Proj(もしくはhelpertype = Projectile)というのも会ったらしいが、Mugen Fighters Guildでこんな風に答えている人が居た。

Helper type allows "proj" and "projectile" now.
But this helper type is the same type "normal" now.

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つまりhelpertype = Normalと同じらしい。


helpertype = type_string (string)

This parameter is deprecated; player-type helpers are not supported. If helpertype = normal, then the helper will be allowed to move off the edge of the screen. Furthermore, the camera will not move to try to keep the helper on screen. If helpertype = player, then the helper will be constrained to the screen and will be followed by the camera, just like a normal player. Defaults to normal. If you plan to use a helper for camera manipulation, do not use a player-type helper; instead use the ScreenBound controller in a normal helper with the "movecamera" parameter.

State Controller Reference

なるべくhelpertype = Playerではなく、helpertype = NormalでScreenBoundを使って画面内に入れろということらしい。